Street Audits


TfL is now carrying out massive changes to the way it is working and to the methods of personal transportation and the street environment in which we live.This is also taking place within the context of the government’s initiatives around greening the streets and encouraging  cycling and walking, plus  the creation of the London Recovery Board, while there are also ongoing negotiations between the GLA and the government over costs and payments, with fears of cuts that may impact on older Londoners.
In the midst of all this PAIL believes it is crucial that older people interests, concerns and expert and ‘lived experience’ recommendations are heard.
Part of this should be encouraging and supporting older people to carry out local street audits which encompass everything that impacts on older people (and those with disabilities and those with children) including provision of pedestrian spaces, crossings, adequate signage, unblocking streets, access to toilets, open spaces and built environment facilities.
PAIL has a grant to fund us helping local age friendly street champions to set up such local street audit groups, made up of older people and the submit the results to their local boroughs for action. Once it is safe for people to carry this out,  PAIL is happy to lead discussion and make presentations to local groups explaining why this is needed, what is involved, and providing WHO template guidelines for the actual audits.
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