PAiL is working to ensure that older Londoners are in the forefront of the process of making London age friendly and are working with the GLA and other bodies to help make this process happen as soon as possible. We have held a series of conferences with expert speakers and then focus groups with diverse representative groups of older Londoners to explain what the 8 themes ( or domains) are that make up the World Health Organisations template for an Age Friendly City ( or environment). The 8 domains – all of which are now being developed by working groups being run by the GLA with the help of Age UK London as consultants – will then put forward draft proposals for the priorities, policies, strategies and actions that will be needed to start the process of making London age friendly .These proposals will be put forward at a conference run by the GLA sometime in February. Our aim as PAiL is to help all of you – our members and other age fora and age related organisations to have their say in making these proposals as inclusive and representative of the diversity of older Londoners and to encourage both active involvement of older Londoners in the process and to ensure ongoing structures able to oversee, evaluate and improve the Age Friendly London plan. This has to be both an ongoing partnership between ourselves, the GLA and other relevant bodies and also recognised as an ongoing process which will hopefully be on going for many years. To help this along we are holding a PAIL conference on Making London Age Friendly – Have Your Say on January 10 at London Metropolitan University, Holloway road from 11 – 3 pm. This is to update you on the progress ( or not) being made, listen to experts on the 4 domain topics to still be agreed plus give you all a chance to agree Recommendations that can be submitted to the GLA Age Friendly working group.

The domain topics are as follows:

  • Outdoor Buildings and Open spaces (age friendly street audits)
  • Transport ( and accessibility)
  • Housing
  • Health and social care
  • Employment and skills
  • Communication and Information (including Digitalisation)

Our recommendations to help create a better city for older Londoners

Recommendations from partner age organisations

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