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Public Toilets

It is essential that public toilets reopen as more of us are getting out and about.

The Toilet Consortium – which PAiL is a member of – is urging local authorities to reopen their toilets safely and calling on the Government to issue guidance.

If your local toilets are not open, write to your local council.

Disabled Toilet Keys

RADAR and other toilet keys can be obtained for a few pounds from a number of outlets. See

‘Just Can’t Wait’ Cards

This is a small card that you can use to tell shop- and café-managers discretely that you have a medical condition and need to use the toilet urgently. They are available for a small sum from a number of charities including


Toilets remain an issue of concern for older Londoners.

In the short term we need public toilets to re-open. Ministers have written to local authorities urging them to keep public toilets open and carefully managed to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and list a number of steps to be taken including

  • Signs and posters to increase awareness of hand washing and coughing etiquette and ensure that suitable facilities are available (running water, soap, drying);
  • Social distancing marking in areas where queues normally form, and the adoption of a limited entry approach, with one in, one out;
  • Putting up a visible cleaning schedule can keep it up to date;
  • Keep the facilities well ventilated.

If you are writing to your local authority, it may be useful to refer to this letter.  


To see which loos are open and to let people know if loos near you are open, head to

There is a charity offering cards for people to show to participating resturants, cafes and shops which allow you to access their loos at no cost, head to to get a card.

If you’re disabled, you can get a key for £4.75 giving you access to many public loos

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