London Recovery Plan

The London Recovery Board ( LRB) has now been operational for a couple of months and held their regular Board meeting on 10 November, with a special focus on Equalities.  The missions which are the key focus for the LRB working groups have been changing over the last couple of months, which has made it hard for those of us attempting to respond with our concerns and proposals around each Mission, but we are trying our best.  The key problems for older Londoners are that at present age hardly features at all ( once in the whole document ) and we are not mentioned as one of the groups with protected characteristics or as a key component of intersectionality ( except for one reference to BAME seniors). The other concern is hat issues of real importance to London’s older people and which relate to Age-Friendly domains and also the strategic groups within the GLA, in particular, Health and Social Care, Housing and Transportation.

Also, there are key issues and proposed actions agreed by the LRB in relation to Equalities which will be put forward to the GLA Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion advisory group and the relevant officers. Here again, we are concerned that at present yet again Age is the forgotten equality group, which we hope will change. We are represented on the EDI and will be raising these issues at the next meeting on November 18. Here is a copy of the letter we are sending to the Equalities Diversity and Inclusion Officers, officials and fellow advisors.

See below our PAiL overall response to the LRB proposals which feature 3 timeframes and where we are trying to lay out a positive set of proposals to ensure that London’s recovery is age-friendly and responsive to the needs of older people. We are now launching our campaign to promote these ideas and raise our concerns to our members, our partners in the age movement, to the LRB, GL Assembly members, Councils, and other politicians plus the media. We ask for your support to disseminate our proposals as widely as possible  

1) Survival Plan

We have agreed on an urgent Survival Plan to address the immediate needs of older people during this second wave and the restrictions and measures being put in place. This is a living document and campaign and we are looking for our members and other concerned and expert people to send us further documentary and personal evidence plus suggestions as to what needs to be done. Older people are experiencing problems in getting prescriptions Doctors and hospital treatments, even operations for such serious illnesses as cancer and heart problems. The needs of older pedestrians ( and those who are disabled and those with young children) are being ignored with little concern or enforcement of the separation between cyclists and electric scooter riders putting them at risk of injury and insult from such groups as MAMILs ( middle-aged men in lycra). There is no mention of the need or support for the many older working-age people facing unemployment and redundancy ( the 2nd highest group after young people)  and reduced income from self-employment, as well as the high risk for those forced into working on the front line from COVID, with many over 50s at risk because of age, disability, BAME  ethnicity, as well as the many working in NHS, education, care homes, and other front line customer-facing and often low paid and insecure jobs See attached our Summary and then a more detailed breakdown below of what is needed in each  domain or mission
London Recovery and Resilience  Plan for Older People. This is our current proposal which we are updating and at that point be sending out to all those involved as well as raising the issues more widely – which we hope will lead to a wider awareness of how while older people are in the most risk and facing the worst impacts we seem to be left out of the picture across England. We will be uploading examples of Best practice from other regions as and when we get them
Longer term – our Proposals for an Age Friendly London which we are developing along with our age partners in the London Age Friendly coalition. This is an ongoing work in progress, but here is the current set of proposals which are being updated and will be presented to the GLA in the hope they will be implemented before the end of this Mayoral term. What is important to note here  is that these address the key concerns as feature in the WHO age friendly domains and GLA sectors. ( see attached) some of which have been left out of the missions are at risk of being ignored in the recovery startegy

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