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Decent Homes for Ageing Well?

DATE: 29th Sept 2020          TIME:  10.30am – 12.30pm

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Confinement to home during the pandemic has further highlighted the importance of having a decent place to live, but over 10 million people are in a home that puts their health at risk.

Find out more about the state of current homes and the action needed to tackle poor housing.


The evidence is unequivocalwarm, safe and accessible homes are critical to health and wellbeing.

Older people disproportionately affected, particularly the over 75s [Home and Dry]. One of the major causes of death and injury amongst older people are falls in the home, whilst cold homes exacerbate a range of health problems including respiratory illnesses and increase the risk of  a stroke or heart attack.

The North of England has some of the greatest concentrations of poor housing, and local populations face significant health inequalities.

Concerted action to tackle poor housing is urgently needed.

Join this important webinar to find out more from specialists in housing, health, population ageing and regeneration, and forge new connections to link practice, evidence and policy.

“…the housing stock is a crucial national asset that underpins the health of the population, impacting on nearly all aspects of our lives. A lack of action to address disrepair will have far reaching consequences”.

tv license scrapped

Your voices might be what makes the difference, so please also make a complaint directly to the BBC by following the link below:


Let’s keep this going, and persuade the BBC to change their mind!

NPC blames Government over BBC’S decision to end free TV licence for over 75’s

 NPC STATEMENT – 9TH July 2020

Jan Shortt, General Secretary of the National Pensioners’ Convention said: “The news that the free TV licence for over 75s is to end from 1st August is absolutely devastating for the millions of pensioners who rely on their television for information, entertainment and company.

The NPC lays the blame for this draconian measure squarely at the door of the government, who have kicked responsibility to the BBC for this universal entitlement for our oldest and most vulnerable, knowing most will struggle to find the money to keep their TVs switched on. 

Read their full statement by clicking here.

We agree with our age partner’s statement.

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