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When will you get the vaccine?

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At our exec meeting today we talked about when we would go for a vaccination. None of us are anti-vaxxers, but only one wanted to get vaccinated as soon as possible - certainly before Christmas if possible 4 of us wanted to wait until we had the results of the first round of injections before we got ours. One person was pointing out the first in line Pfizer has had to pay out millions in compensation for early release of drugs that were not fully tested and then had bad side effects. Another comment was that the Oxford vaccination looked safer as they have been testing for months, but someone else pointed out that at the moment there is only 64% success in their tests.
However, we all agreed to let our colleague take the test as soon as possible and be our guinea pig and send us regular updates on her health afterwards!
When are others thinking of getting vaccinated? we are not an anti-vax site and don't want conspiracy theories as we understand that unless eventually nearly all of us need to get safely vaccinated to both allow we seniors to get back into public life safely and that without over 70% take-up there will be no herd immunity. 
But the question is when?
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To be honest, I'm afraid, I don't know how it will affect my health later - I want more children, but I understand what needs to be done
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