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PAIL is pleased that we are now working with those London boroughs that have shown a commitment to becoming age friendly and joining the WHO Age Friendly Cities initiative. Under the direction of Ruth Dombey – the leader of Sutton Council- who has called for a meeting of the ‘coalition of the willing’ up to 6 councils will be discussing with ourselves, U3A, and Age UK London and the GLA  a way forward to support the development of best practice and a commitment to working  towards an age friendly borough in partnership with older residents. 

We are really happy to support this and hope that we will be able to support local groups of active seniors to play an active role to offer our expertise through the domain working groups we have helped to set up ( see their key priorities below)

We hope that this may kick start the process of London becoming an age friendly city with the boroughs taking the lead. We hope that this initiative will be able to be expanded to include the majority of London boroughs in the near future.

We also hope that this may be the start of an age aware and age friendly approach by the London Recovery Board and that the Mayor of London and GLA will now agree and start to implement  the Age Friendly London plan we have been working so hard to achieve.

As we realise that this is both a long process but also one that requires urgent action for seniors to survive, we have produced through our research and expert working groups proposals for the short term ( A survival Plan), a critique of the current situation, plus with our London Age Friendly forum coalition partners plans for  the medium term ( an age Friendly Recovery Plan) and longer term ( an Age Friendly London plan),you can find these on the relevant sections of our Campaigns pages.

We recently sent this letter to the Mayoral candidates and Assembly, to which we have received a response from Luisa Porritt and the Liberal Democrat London Assembly candidates, who are very pleased to support our priorities. 


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Age Friendly Community Group

Health Domain Proposals

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Digitalisation And Coms Proposals

Age friendly London Housing Domain Action Plan

Built Environment Open Spaces & Street Audit Proposals

Employment, Training & Good Work Report & Priorities

Respect & Inclusion Proposals

Age Friendly London Boroughs Roundtable Report

The Survival Plan For Older Londoners

Recovery Planning Briefing Paper

Borough Recovering Planning 2 Doc

Mayoral reply to written questions - age-friendly London

PAiL has agreed to host examples of best practice in making cities age-friendly, to help councillors, officers & older citizens learn about best practice in making your community age-frienly.

UK Cities Network Best Practice

Global Cities Network Best Practice

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