Update on Progress Regarding the Mayor and GLA

Age Friendly London plans the joint age reps on the London Equality, Diversity and Inclusion advisory board, including the Chair of PAiL requested a meeting with the Deputy Mayor for Equalities – Debbie  Weekes- Bernard to talk about how the GLA intend to progress towards an Age

Friendly London and How older people will be included in its development and implementation. The meeting is on 26th July and these are the questions we are raising:

Our key concern is ensuring that there is movement on the Age Friendly London plan as time is progressing and we are keen to identify a path to progressing this plan. To further this we would like you to update us on the following questions which we feel sure you will have spent some time considering over the past months to some degree.

  1. Will the Mayor commit to producing an Age Friendly action plan for London to be launched on 1st October?

2. How will older Londoners be involved in working to achieve the plan with the Mayor?

3. Will the action plan include milestones or target dates for implementation?

4. What specific targets will be published in the plan to ensure older Londoners know and can celebrate that progress is being made in meeting these targets?

5. Will the Mayor hold an event to give an update on progress in meeting the plan in 2022?

6. Will the Mayor produce and publish a specific cross-cutting recovery plan for older people in London across the London Recovery Board Missions

7. Will the Mayor commit to improving the evidence base of the current situation of older Londoners in terms of welfare, jobs, housing, wellbeing, health status, and satisfaction as the basis for shaping the recovery and age friendly planning?

We will keep people informed as to the results

Update on Progress Regarding the Mayor and GLA

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