Age-Friendly Easing of Lockdown Restrictions

Confidence in the removal of lockdown restrictions

Now TfL have announced that masks will be compulsory on public transport in London – Covid: Masks to remain compulsory on London transport – BBC News there will be pressure to try and ensure there is public confidence for older people wanting to get out. Age UK has produced some helpful advice Things to consider when COVID restrictions end | Discover | Age UK but inevitably there will be concerns from many older people, particularly those who were previously shielding, as cases in London shoot up over the summer. PAiL has raised the issue of how to get public confidence back and in lobbying on recovery at the end of last year (when we thought this would be the last wave !) we did propose “Covid Safe” signs for shops, restaurants, and public settings indicating they are practising Covid secure best practise – perhaps the time to do this with mask-wearing. (like you have with food safety signs at takeaways and restaurants )

GLA Assembly and older people

The London Assembly voted for the motion that older people need to be included in recovery plans. This was proposed by Assembly member Len Duvall member for Lewisham and Greenwich and has been supported by other assembly members. Together with Age UK London, we’ve met with several assembly members to keep up the pressure on developing an age-friendly London through recovery plans.

London Recovery Board

The LRB meets next week and we will be scrutinising the latest plans and whether they are sufficiently age proofed. Work is happening with some of the missions and we are meeting with officers over the summer to push for cross-cutting plans.

Tim Whitaker

Age-Friendly Easing of Lockdown Restrictions

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