PAIL/ LAFF Age-Friendly Priorities for the London Mayoral elections

PAIL in partnership with our fellow members of the London Age Friendly Coalition, including the GLF, Age UK London and the 3rd Age Trust produced a series of key priorities following an agreement by each of our Domain working groups as to the three – 5 most important issues in each field. 

We have now circulated them to all the main parties and candidates for Mayor and the GLA  25 assembly members asking for their endorsement. So far both the Liberal Democrats and the Greens and an Independent Valerie Brown of Burning Pink – have endorsed our priorities and commitment to implement them as part of an Age Friendly London Action Plan. We welcome these positive responses and hope to work with them after the election to help maintain a high profile for an age friendly London action plan.

We are also still hoping that the 2 main parties will endorse us: Sadiq Khan, Labour who committed London to join the WHO Age-Friendly cities network and with whom we have been working through the Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion advisory board but who has still not yet implemented the action plan to make an Age-Friendly London a reality whom we hope to persuade to take action as soon as possible if he is re-elected; and Shaun Bailey from the Conservatives.

PAIL/ LAFF Age-Friendly Priorities for the London Mayoral elections

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