Herb Cheesed Bread & Soda Bread Recipes


My priority was to keep my brain active and the first thing I found was a Guardian web site that offered a variety of crosswords and puzzles that can be filled in online. My biggest challenge is the cryptic crosswords which I still struggle with, rarely finishing it. However, they always give solutions so you can cheat or use them to increase your skill. 

Link Age Southwark (www.linkagesouthwark.org) offer a variety of activities; seated dance which I find good fun led an excellent teacher who explains why we are doing each movement, a telephone befriending service and Musical memories, a weekly online singing group. 

After running out of bread I found various recipes that didn’t need yeast and explored the joys of homemade bread (recipes below) then graduated to ordering a ready prepared bread mix and have now, being more adventurous, bought some dried yeast.  The smell when cooking and taste of that first crust covered with butter is heavenly. 



450g(1LB) plain white flour

2 level tsp bicarbonate of soda

2 level tsp cream of tartar

1 level tsp salt

25-50g  ( 1-2oz) margarine

about half a pint of milk

Sift together dry ingredients

Rub in fat

Mix into a soft dough with the milk,adding a little at a time

Shape into a round shape, about 18cm( 7in) mark into triangles 

Place onto a baking sheet

Cook at 220C (425F) for about 30 mins.



225G (8oz) self raising flour 

11/2 level tsp of salt

1 level tsp mustard powder

1 level tsp chopped or dry chives

1 tsp fresh or dried parsley

3oz strong grated cheese

1 beaten egg 

1 oz melted margarine

Mix flour, salt and mustard in a bowl, stir in the herbs and cheese

Add the egg, add 150ml (1/4 pt) water and melted butter

Stir until well blended

Spoon into 1lb loaf tin, bake for 45 minutes at 190C (375F) for 45 minutes

How did you do? 

PAIL would love to hear from you and if you have any quick cooking tips please share with us

Gwynneth Pedler

Herb Cheesed Bread & Soda Bread Recipes

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