Get Your Flu Jab!

flu jab

Age UK London has just launched a campaign to encourage older adults as well as those with long term health conditions to get their free flu vaccine.  NOW MORE THAN EVER protect yourself and those around you.  

I would be happy to write a short article for your newsletter or web if you think that this would be of interest to your membership?  

The World Health Organisation recommends a 75% take up of the flu vaccine in adults aged 65+ but unfortunately, here in London we have never reached that target!  Londoners over 65 have the lowest uptake of the flu jab across the whole country with some London boroughs barely reaching 50% especially around North West London. As it can take up to two weeks for the flu jab to fully protect a person and with Covid-19 in circulation, now more than ever it is important that as many older Londoners as possible take up the free flu jab offer.   

We have produced a FLU TOOLKIT with plenty of hints and tips and information on the flu vaccine as well as an A5 leaflet and A3 size poster and these and other resources are also available to share and download on our webpage here

Get Your Flu Jab!

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