London’s Recovery Plan: Jury Is Out Whether It Will Be A Boost For Older Londoners

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The London Recovery Board has now agreed it’s missions for London’s recovery file:///C:/Users/timot/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/S9TN432Y/London%20Recovery%20Board%20Slides%2015%20September.pdf. Over the summer the GLA consulted with individuals and groups cross London about what should be the priorities and PAiL as well as other age organisations in London submitted comments. The eight missions will guide work plans for recovering from the pandemic – and they are A Green New Deal; A Robust Safety Net for all Londoners to prevent financial hardship; High Streets for All; A new Deal for Young People; Mental Health and Wellbeing; Helping Londoners into Good work; Digital Access for All; Healthy Food, Healthy Weight and Communities during Covid-19 – enabling strong communities and civil society  Each mission will now be developing work programmes to support the aims of the missions which will be for the next London Recovery Board meeting on the 10th November. PAiL is disappointed there’s no specific mission for older people as with younger people and concerned that despite good feedback from older people, there are very few specific mentions of older people in the existing missions

So, the jury is still out whether this plan will help us.  PAiL has argued that recovery needs to take on board the various needs faced by older Londoners and not treat us as cocooned away, all vulnerable and just needing help.

We will be lobbying the London Recovery Board to ensure that the ideas and suggestions submitted, are actioned and follow our principles to ensure older people’s needs are met and have five demands to make. 

  1. The missions need to be “age proofed” – we need to assess how issues and proposed actions impact on older people
  2. There should be a cross cutting plan for recovery for Older Londoner across all the missions ensuring that all activities for older people are aligned, and we don’t get unintended consequences which negatively impact on older people
  3. Action plans need to have clear priorities – people quite naturally want to see improvements now in tackling the problems being faced – as well as the optimism that an Age Friendly London will bring and help London be the best place to grow old in.
  4. Any recovery plan needs to help with “living with Covid” now that a second wave is upon us – building on what worked together in March and April but with the vital improvements.
  5. Finally, all action plans need to ensure they have had the older people’s voice at their heart. That lived experience is so important in what solutions are designed.
London’s Recovery Plan: Jury Is Out Whether It Will Be A Boost For Older Londoners

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