Age-Friendly London Street & Environment Audit Training Programme

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  Positive Ageing in London is running  an Age Friendly London street and environment audit training programme. Our first virtual ‘training the trainers’ training session is being prepared for Tuesday 20 October from 11 to 1 pm. We will send out zoom invites nearer the date to those who register an interest.

We  have received some  funding to support and train local age friendly street audit champions to lead in carrying out street, built environment and open spaces audits in your local area. 

We use the World Health Organisation’s successful template which has been used all over the world by older people to carry out audits of their main roads, streets and local community environments from the perspective of how age friendly they are and then recommend changes that can be made. 

The training takes no more than 2 hours and we will provide you with presentations explaining why it is important, what is involved in developing an age friendly city, what is included in an age friendly street and environment audit and how best to carry it out. Once trained you can then set up a small group of interested older people ( a group of 6!)  to help you carry this out . We will, as part of the training, supply you with a template to record your audit findings. 

It is usually best practice to carry these out in partnership with local councillors or officers, usually those involved with older people’s issues or with roads, transport and the environment, so that they are part of the learning experience and can better inform your local authority what it is about when you submit your audit findings and recommendations to the council for ongoing discussion and implementation. We have had interest expressed in the past by councillors and officers and hope that they will join our training session.

These audits can be seen as part of citizen-led research into local communities in the light of the London Recovery Board’s “High Streets for All” proposed recovery mission. We think it is important that older people are part of local community-based research which can feed into the local borough and London wide recovery and work plans, particularly as there is so little mention of the older Londoners in the current published plans and proposals.

It is recommended that you form a group of around 4-6 people participants, mostly those over 50 / 65 and if possible including at least one person who has a disability. Your audit journey should not take you more than 1 hour for each trip and you will need to plan your journey to include major city centres and/or main thoroughfare which should include not just road and transport facilities but also local centres, the built environment and open spaces.

As part of our ongoing support, we will be happy to advise you as to what to include, how to write up, agree and present your findings and how to publicise your work. We will be happy to put up your findings on our website

We look forward to your reply and if you register your interest we can send you relevant documents and then send out a zoom invitation. We will only be able to train a maximum of 15 people in this session, so it will be first come first served.

Age-Friendly London Street & Environment Audit Training Programme

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