The May 1st PAiL Newsletter

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Welcome to this our 4th newsletter since late March. PAiL is working to send you updates, information, links and ideas to help you stay active and involved throughout this Covid 19 crisis. The aim is to help keep older Londoners interested and involved and to try to help age organisations to be able to access useful information.  Please send it on to any of your members or contacts who may be interested plus if you or any volunteers or hubs or age fora want to print this off or copy and paste information for your own local publication please do. We are interested in hearing from others ideas, feedback, useful links that we can include in the future, so send them to
Have Your Say! 
Support our petition  

We encourage you all to SIGN & SHARE PAiL’s petition: No Lock-down for everyone over 70

We are stating that:
• It is not purposeful to divide the population simply by age as some people over 70 are at lower risk than some younger people.
• It is not a proportionate response to expect people who are not at high risk to self-isolate for many months.
• It is better for society as a whole that over 70s continue to function in their many roles as workers, carers, volunteers and consumers.
Staying alive: Inspiration for ideas to keep healthy whilst fundraising ideas

Take The 2.6 Challenge In Your Home
As the London Marathon has had to be postponed, charities are losing out. Instead you can support them by taking the 2.6 challenge. You can do anything that is a challenge for you: Walking up and down your stairs 26 times, walk one mile on 26 days or 2.6 miles on ten days or something else…..After all if someone aged 99 can raise more than £20 million for the NHS, by walking around his garden with a walking frame, we can all do something!

For more information visit 

The Skipping Sikh
Here is a lovely story with you of the ‘skipping sikh’ who’s story has gone viral everywhere and in every country!  Here’s a link to the piece in the BBC and you can support his fundraiser for the NHS here.  
Stay Safe at HomeHaving a fall now is a major problem at any time but even more so now  – here is a helpful guide to help reduce the risks around the home. 

Hospital appointments via telephone or video

There are more opportunities to have your hospital or GP appointments over the phone or video call to reduce risk a useful information to be found here.

Stay In Touch 
The new networking site for older people, with the aim to be the place for older people to read, chat and find out about things to do to keep mind and body active. We are in the process of updating our website and will have a section on Covid-19 support as well as campaigns by the beginning of May. Please send us your stories and register to join at  
Keep Involved EngAgeNet
PAiL is working with EngAgeNet (the national network of regional age forums of which PAiL is a member) to campaign for a non-ageist approach who will be allowed out when it is deemed safe for a partial relaxation of the lock down. We are asking that the lock down does not end until the Government’s targets have been met, and we actually have sufficient testing, tracking and medical grade PPE for all front line NHS and care staff and clients, as well as sufficient masks and protectors to travel safely. All we ask is that when things are relaxed the criteria for who can re-engage with the world is based on medical need (vulnerable people with prior medical condi- tions) and not based on age (whether 70 plus, or even some suggest 60 plus). This is part of a wider campaign to try to get the Government and media to stop seeing us in ageist characteristics as all frail and vulnerable, and to recognise the incredible contributions we make as workers, including the 1.25 million pensioners still in em- ployment, as volunteers and as carers, as well as Councillors, MPs and Members of the House of Lords. For more information go to our website: 

More money in your pocket and a free TV license  
As you probably know, from August 1 this year the free TV license for people over 75 will only be available for those who claim Pension Credit. If you – or someone you know – could do with a bit more cash as well as continue getting the free TV license, now is a good time to claim as the claims process takes longer than usual due to the Virus.  Those who get Pension Credit are also entitled to free dental treatment and possibly help with council tax and housing cost.  You can apply by phoning 0800 99 1234 (Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 6 pm). You will need to have some documents to hand:  – Your National Insurance number  – Information about your income, savings and investments  – Your bank account details  You can also apply by post. You can call the number and ask them to send you an application form, or you can download a copy from the website:   

Maintaining Wellbeing  
There is useful information and advice on the GLA website:  The GLA online hub has also developed a lot in recent weeks and the pages for civil society are helpful if you are a member of a voluntary body, Age Forum or Charity.  

Our Partners  
Here are links to some sites and campaigns that our partners are running:  Age UK London and GLF are sending out their Newsletter later this week, and we have written a small piece about our work.  GLF tell us that there are some excellent local Age Forum Newsletters – for one example, go to Kensington and Chelsea Age Forum Newsletter: The National Pensioners Convention produce both national Newsletters and London wide ones. To access their April Newsletter click here.    
The May 1st PAiL Newsletter

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