London’s Silver Economy

A conference on older workers, employment and economic development

19 March 2018

Europe House, Smith Square London SW1P 3EU

A free half-day conference and focus group to discuss the benefits and needs that older working age people (50+) bring to London through their paid and unpaid work.

By 2050, estimates suggest that people aged over 65 will outnumber children under five. This is creating a new and powerful consumer class, and presents new opportunities for life-long work and employment – a new silver economy.

The Mayor of London’s draft plan for an inclusive and growing economy is currently out for consultation. But does the plan harness the potential of London’s growing silver economy?

The focus group discussion will inform Positive Ageing’s formal response to the Mayor’s consultation on the new economic strategy. We want to ensure that older Londoners and other concerned people have the opportunity to raise issues, concerns and make recommendations.

Key questions include:

  • How can the mayor help to tackle age discrimination in the workplace?
  • How can the economic strategy tackle the entrenched long-term worklessness in the older working-age population?
  • What type of localised skills system is needed to help adult learners in London?
  • What could the mayor do to support older Londoners back into work?


Time Item Speaker
10.30 Arrival & registration



Introduction and Welcome by Chair, followed by Presentation # 1 on overview on older workers in London & the UK Chris Walsh

Chair of PAiL and Age Platform (UK Branch)

11.40 Presentation #2 – New Lessons for understanding retirement and employment transitions in later life Dr Brian Beach – Senior Research Fellow ILC -UK
12.10 Presentation #3  Situation of Older Workers across EU – examples of Best practice Phillippe Seidel – Age Platform Europe – Employment specialist
12.40 Presentation #4 – Best practice in helping organisations become age and employment experts. The lessons from their Resourcing Older People’s Employment Services project Peter Murphy – Head of Projects – Wise Age
13.10 Lunch
13.50 Presentation #5 – How to get long term over 50s back into work Jane Gibson –  Age and Employment  Consultant
2.20 Activity #1 Small group discussion / focus groups on key issues and concerns and recommendations
3.00 Activity #2 Large discussion – presented by group facilitators- followed by discussion on key points to be raised from the meeting.


This discussion will inform our response to the Mayor of London’s strategy on Employment and Economic Development strategy.

3.30 End