Upcoming PAiL Meeting Friday 1st September 2017

Mayor’s Vision for a Diverse and Inclusive City

This to invite you to the next PAiL event from 12:00 – 15:00 on Friday 1st September at City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, More London, London, SE1 2AA.

Please register to take part here.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has published his draft vision for a diverse and inclusive city. We are delighted to invite you to City Hall to feed back on his vision for diversity and inclusion for all Londoners.  This is an exciting opportunity for you as older Londoners to explore whether the Mayor has addressed all the issues which concern you and matters which affect your          everyday lives. Does the Mayor’s vision address your needs for diversity and inclusion for all Londoners.

This opportunity will enable you to feedback on whether the Mayor’s vision will enhance your (our) lives as you get older. We will be considering key aspects to be included in his strategy. Do we agree with the priorities outlined? Are there others which are important to us? What experience do we base our views on? Can we share our experiences? Are we aware of other inequalities that can adversely affect our lives and do we have suggestions on how to address them? How might we work with the Mayor’s office to action our priorities? There will also be opportunity to feed back on the Mayor’s transport strategy.

Upcoming PAiL Meeting Tuesday 5th September 2017


This is to invite you to the next Positive Ageing in London ( PAiL) event on 5th September at Hammersmith Jobcentre, 2nd floor Conference Room, Glen House, 22 Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith, W6 OPP.

Please register to take part here.

PAiL is working in partnership with the DWP ( London and Home Counties Partnership team) and Age UK London to highlight both the problems  faced by older workers and jobseekers, the benefits older people bring to employment and the economy of London and to start the basis of an informed discussion about what older Londoners ( 50+)  want from the Mayor’s Economic Development and Employment Strategy for London.

As the Mayor will soon be consulting on  his Strategy for London, PAiL in association with other age  representative bodies wants to make sure that we Older Londoners have our voice heard when it comes to agreeing strategies and priorities for London.

Over 70% of older working age people are in employment, including now across the UK over 1.2 million people above retirement age. Yet at the same time over 3.5 million over 50s to state pension age are without work and many are actively looking. At a time of increased worry about enough people able to fill the job vacancies now is the time for the world to start to appreciate both what we older people offer and how many barriers we still face.

In addition there are a lot of changes to the employment and related benefits system with Universal Credit being rolled out to millions more people and this will be an opportunity to hear about what these proposed changes are and to ask questions about their impact on older people.

The conference will last from 12 – 4.30 and will consist of speakers, questions and the  small group workshops developing ideas and demands for the Mayors Strategy on Employment and Economic Development.

Upcoming PAiL Meeting Tuesday 18th September 2017

Homes for Older Londoners

What sort of housing do older Londoners want? With the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, about to plan a new London Housing Strategy, come along and tell us what the policies should be for housing in London!

The debate will be introduced by a range of expert speakers from key organisations.

The event is from 10.00 (Registration) to 3.30, with a light lunch available.

Please register to take part here.


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