Dear PAiL Colleagues,

Everything seems to be moving so fast as we all try to come to terms with coping with Coronavirus and understanding the constant flow of new information from the Government and other bodies. 

We at Pail hope to send out weekly newsletters, links and updates to pass on from reputable bodies about new developments plus we will be contacting you our members again for feedback on issues and concerns which we will be feeding into policy makers and raising I the media.

We need you to give feedback about what it is like on the ground or in our homes, saying what is working and what is not and suggesting solutions.

As older age activists and age experts with our lived experience, we think older Londoners organisations and their members have a positive role to play in keeping ourselves and others safe,  mentally and physically and  to be actively engaged in the development and roll out of good ideas and practice. 

We need to keep communicating with each other to raise issues of concern as well as helping create a vision of what an age friendly London can look like when we have come out of all of this. We need to overcome stereotypes of ourselves as just vulnerable old people and promote all the positive contributions we do and can make.

As Pail members there are a lot of ways now that you can start to play a local Age Champion role. We think that not only can we play a useful part in helping make life safer and happier for older Londoners but that in so doing we can help ourselves stay active, alert, involved and in touch with each other.

Here are a few links that if you have not seen them already you may find useful:

The government has launched a volunteering project to help the NHS and to ensure that vulnerable older people can have food and medicines delivered as well as having people keep in regular phone contact. This scheme is filling up fast, so if you are interested log in here, but only do things that do not put you at risk.

The next possibility for active engagement is to contact and join one of the Mutual Aid Groups in your local community and if there is not  one yet set up in your local area, contact the national organisers for help in setting one up.  Here is a link with all relevant  information you need to know about these groups:

The list of all local groups to contact / join is here:

The GLA have produced some up to date useful information for those of us engaged in ‘civil societies’, such as age groups

They are also looking for feedback from Londoners and voluntary organisations about the impact on our communities and organisations, send to .

Age UK London will be producing a regular newsletter and is supporting the work of local London borough Age UKs – who are often working in partnership with their local councils to develop support hubs. Your local borough Age UK can tell you how you can either get and / or give support  Age UK is producing up to date helpful information  for older people about the Coronavirus.

The Third Age Trust ( U3A) has produced useful advice on their website for how to keep on being involved and learning

The National Pensioners Convention has just produced their Campaign newsletter with a lot of helpful tips on dealing with coronavirus

We hope this will be the first of a regular series of newsletters around topics members agree are most needed and will be keeping you informed and involved with our ongoing work to raise issues that concern older Londoners and clear proposals about what older people want and need throughout this crisis as well as campaigning for a clear timetabled and resourced partnership Action Plan for an Age Friendly London in which we hope the Mayor will offer us an inspiring Vision for the future for  us all. 

Please let us know if you have any concerns or great ideas. We are trying to update our twitter @pailondon  and our facebook  positive ageing in london site with new info and discussion

 Best wishes and keep well

Chris Walsh

Chair PAiL