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Post Office, ATM & Bank closures and their effect on Older People Briefing Paper January 2019

The way people are accessing their money is changing. Whilst the increased use of technology and cashless services has been beneficial for many, there are still millions of people who rely solely on notes and coins for monetary transactions.

Cash usage has dropped dramatically over the past decade, by roughly a half, with the introduction of cashless payment methods and the increased use and security of online shopping. Furthermore, the UK has lost almost two-thirds of its bank branch network in the past 30 years, leaving a fifth of households more than 1.8 miles from their nearest current account provider. There have been 2900 branches close in the last 3 years alone.

Post offices banks ATMs and Older People briefing paper January 2019

Resourcing Older People’s Employment Support (ROPES) project

There have been a spate of articles and comments around ageing in the Guardian this last week with older baby boomers starting to show an interest in promoting the positive benefits of ageing and the contribution that older people make. We hope that this can be used by all of us to promote the positive aspects of ageing, the many benefits that we older people bring, the advantages of having an appreciation of the ageing process, and the pleasures of collective discussion and action.

Wise Age is pleased to announce that we successfully completed our Resourcing Older People’s Employment Support (ROPES) project which was funded by Trust for London. We were able to help train up over 80 voluntary and community organisations towards a better understanding of both the barriers facing older working age people in employment, and how to help overcome them.

As a result, we have been able to research and build up a library of information and best practice both for older people looking for work, and for employers seeking to benefit from an age diverse workforce, and at the same time provide templates and information to agencies working to help older people back into employment and self- employment. This will be made available for all in the near future on our website. We are also hoping to publish, in the near future, two handbooks we have produced – An Employers Guide and a Guide for Unemployed Seniors.

PAiL Conference – Celebrating the Diversity of Older Londoners

PAiL is organising a further conference this year on 22nd February 2019 around the topic of Celebrating the Diversity of Older Londoners. We will have experts talking about the contribution of older women and men in London from different ethnic and cultural groups, from the LGBT+ communities, and by people with and without disabilities. We hope to promote our good work in such fields as employment, the economy, culture, caring and volunteering, as well as raise the ongoing issues of discrimination and exclusion. The conference will finish with group discussions, leading to agreed Recommendations for the Mayor to consider when implementing his progressive strategies for London.

This free event is being held at City Hall from 10 am on 22nd February as part of the
Mayor’s commitment to their Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategies. Please register on the Eventbrite link below, and we ask that you pass on details to anyone else who may be interested in attending