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London’s silver economy

By 2050, estimates suggest that people aged over 65 will outnumber children under five. This is creating a new and powerful consumer class, and presents new opportunities for life-long work and employment – a new silver economy.

The Mayor of London’s draft plan for an inclusive and growing economy is currently out for consultation. But does the plan harness the potential of London’s growing silver economy?

Positive Ageing bought together older Londoners, along with businesses and the third sector to to discuss how the mayor’s new economic strategy supports older working people.

5 presentations on older workers & employment…

We’re pleased to share the five presentations from the event, please click to download:

Challenges for older Londoners in a post-Brexit Britain

Last week Chris Walsh joined a group of retired trade unionists for a discussion on Brexit and the rights of older workers. The meeting, with the London and South East TUC Retired members, was a continuation of the work Positive Ageing in London and partners have been doing to raise the concerns and challenges facing older people in a post-Brexit Britain.

Common ground for concern

Positive Ageing believes that regardless of whether people voted Remain or Leave, there is common ground for concern; The rights and protections older people currently have under EU law – rights as workers, as consumers, as members of the public, as well as rights which protect our environment – may get watered down. This is why Positive Ageing in London support a Bill of Rights which will enshrine older people’s rights under the EU into British law.

Partnership working

The discussion also explored how Positive Ageing can develop partnerships to improve the lot of pensioners and older workers in a post-Brexit Britain. Chris hopes to continue this work on age equality with Trade Unions, to further protect the rights of older working people.

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