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PAiL Report on Employment and Economic Development for Older Londoners

PAIL, in association with Age UK London (AUKL),  held an interesting conference on 5th September at the DWP offices in Hammersmith on age and employment and economic development in London, in partnership with DWP who presented updates on their 50+ strategy and the impact of the national roll out of Universal Credit.

There were presentations on The DWP’s Strategy for Older Workers by David Anderson, on Universal Credit by Andrea and Corrine Gregory from DWP, on the Economic and Employment Contribution of Older Londoners by Chris Walsh of PAiL & Wise Age, and on The Benefits of Older Londoners to London’s Economy by Gordon Deuchars from Age UK London. Please find these presentations attached.

The quality of the presentations and of the subsequent discussion were excellent but unfortunately the turn out was lower than we hoped.

In summary, it was made clear just how important the contribution of older people is to the economy and employ situation in London. The impact of both the silver economy and older working age employment is a key factor in the economic development and growth of London

There was also a very good explanation as to how the DWP is progressing with its 50+ strategy and the impact of the roll out of Universal Credit (UC) in relation to older people. As 7 current major benefits are being rolled into one with UC this is both an opportunity for people to understand and receive their full entitlement in one package. It should simplify benefits including those of people up to 65. However it was noted that pension payments are not included in this new UC programme and thus will not directly affect those who are solely pensioners, but not receiving other benefits.

A matter of some concern to the 50+ is the fact that this new approach to universal benefits is going to be only online and digital, which as was raised at the meeting, is of considerable concern for those who are ‘digitally excluded’, which can include some of  those with mental or physical disabilities, older pensioners – particularly those aged 80+ – and those with low incomes / low levels of education. This is an issue which the 50+ will need to raise with the DWP to see if there are ways that both older people themselves and also staff can be supported to help those for whom online applications is not currently an option.

This event was finished with a group discussion where point of interest and concern of older people in relation to employment and older people was raised and is now being submitted to the Mayors office for their consideration while drawing up with their strategy for employment and econ dev.

See attached the submission we will be making.

This was the latest in our PAiL series of open events in which older Londoners can have their say om the key issues that affect them and also to provide an opportunity for us to have our say on the different Mayor of London’s strategies.

The next meeting PAiL is organising – this time in partnership with Age UK London and Hyde Housing – is on  Housing and Older People on 18th September, at 336, Brixton Road, London SW9 7AA, from 10.00 (Registration) to 3.30, with a light lunch available. Please click here to book your place.


PAiL Members’ Response to the Mayor’s Strategy on Diversity and Inclusion

Following our successful consultation event at City Hall on Friday 1st September, please click here to read Positive Ageing in London’s response to the Mayor’s vision for diversity and inclusion based on older Londoners’ feedback.

Upcoming Meeting on Housing – 18th September 2017

Positive Ageing in London and Age UK London invite you to an event on 18 September on the issues s affecting older Londoners and their concerns and demands relating to Housing.

At the moment housing is in crisis in London and the UK. Where are the new houses going to come from? What housing is available or being built for older and retired people? Where and when will affordable housing be made available to the hundreds of thousands in need of decent, secure, affordable housing in this city? How will older people living in tower blocks  be given the safe and secure housing they need? These and other questions will be addressed at this conference.

With the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, planning a new London Housing Strategy, come along and tell us what the policies should be for housing in London, in particular as they impact on and affect  older Londoners

The debate will be introduced by a range of expert speakers from key organisations talking about the situation at present affecting owner occupiers, private, social and council housing tenants, as well as those in social care homes – both private and public.

This will be followed by group discussions leading to agreed key principles and demands that older people from all types of housing tenure in London and will be forwarded to the Mayor and GLA

We are holding this event as part of a project funded by Hyde Foundation to explore older people’s views on housing.

The event will be held at 336 Brixton Road, London, SW9 7AA,  from 10.00 (Registration) to 3.30, with a light lunch available.

To find out more and to register, please visit the event website.

Hoping to see you and best wishes

Chris Walsh

Chair – Positive Ageing in London