PAiL to Exist as an Independent Body

By | June 20, 2017

Following our recent meeting it was unanimously agreed by those attending – the founding members – to agree to set up Positive Ageing in London as an independent body and to agree the Articles of Association now amended.

We will be circulating the final Articles of Association in the near future along with the Minutes of the Meeting.

However  I wanted to update everyone who registered an interest or attended one of the last 2 meetings of  the agreed actions that will now take place.

We are in the process of setting up a bank account and have 3 people who will act as signatories but are in urgent need of a treasurer. The work will not be onerous particularly at the beginning as we have little income or expenditure at present but is vital for us to be able to open the account. We would welcome any offers from people prepared to take on this task.

We are also actively looking for sources of funding and would welcome any information or help in contacting bodies who maybe prepared to support us financially or running joint events In terms of events: Firstly we will be jointly organising with Age UK London ( AUKL) a series of meetings around the issues of Housing and Older People. This is a project managed by AUKL and funded by Hyde Housing  and will aim to feed in the expertise and concerns of older ( 50+) Londoners into the  London Mayors Strategy and consultation on Housing.

We aim to have the first meeting at the beginning of July in the Lambeth / Lewisham area and will send you full details when this has been arranged.

The co-ordinator for this project is Gordon Deuchars of AUKL who can be contacted at

We are hoping to have a number of expert speakers addressing these meetings and informing the discussion around different housing issues, including older people in private rented accommodation;  in social housing;those who own their own homes and referencing issues of downsizing, house share, adaptation plus issues of homelessness and of social care housing as well as co-operatives and other housing solutions in London.

If anyone has expertise in these areas and would like to speak or knows someone with such expertise please contact either myself or Gordon.

The second meeting planned is to be held in partnership with the DWP at the beginning of September and will cover issues around 50+ Employment and Self Employment, Ways to Tackle the  3.5 million 50+ currently out of work and wish to work as well as the Impact of the roll out of Universal Credit. While we have expert speakers lined up again anyone with specialist knowledge willing to be  a speaker should contact myself or Gordon The other event currently being planned is to have a Wellness Day – which will address both mental and physical well being-and again we welcome any input from people able to make contributions to this event which it is planned will be more a series of interactive events and group discussions and less  formal presentations.

I do hope that you will continue to support us, to become active members – we are still looking for more people to volunteer to join the committee, and at least come along and be part of our future events.

Best wishes

Chris Walsh

Chair – Positive Ageing in London

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