Welfare Benefit Changes and Older People

By | March 21, 2014

Positive Ageing in London, the London regional forum on ageing, is researching the impact on older people  of the ongoing changes in welfare benefits.

The introduction of Universal Credit instead of a range of existing benefits, the replacement of Disability Living Allowance with Personal Independence Payments, the so-called ‘bedroom tax’ for people ‘under-occupying’ in social housing and a number of other changes are not targeted at people of pension age. However they will certainly have an impact on many Londoners aged between 50 and State pension age. There will also be impacts on some pensioners, for example  if they live in a household with someone below pension age. Effects on older people are also likely to increase over time with increases in the state pension age.

This dimension of the welfare benefit changes is not as well known as other issues and Positive Ageing in London thinks it is important to understand the emerging impact on older people. If you have information on this issue, we’d be really glad to hear from you. Please contact Ben Donovan on bdonovan@ageuklondon.org.uk

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