Positive Ageing in London

Positive Ageing in London is the London Regional Age Forum and gives a voice to older Londoners, helping them to understand the issues that affect them and facilitate their active engagement in the governance of their communities. We have over 400 members, including representatives from other older Londoners membership organisations and those that work on behalf of older people

Positive Ageing in London was founded in 2011 as the London regional forum on ageing, bringing together older people’s organisations, charities, service providers and statutory bodies. We provide valuable input into the Mayor’s Forum on Ageing.

We are committed to making a real difference in the lives of older people by:

  • Raising key issues affecting older people in London
  • Feeding into London and national advisory forums and the Age Action Alliance
  • Developing older people’s policy and voice for London
  • Challenging for change
  • Engaging, advocating and promoting older people in London
  • Disseminating policy and practise

Positive Ageing in London is chaired by Chris Walsh (Wise Age).

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PAILs next 2 events are our Committee meeting on December 4 at Toynbee Hall and an open PAiL event entitled An Age Inclusive London from 11- 3pm at London Metropolitan University on Friday January 10th


  • We are now working with staff and students at London Metropolitan University ( LMU) to deliver and maintain a high quality website linked to a modern database. Our next meeting there to agree the final look and contents of the site is on 11 November at LMU, Holloway Road. If anyone has information or ideas to add onto our site please send it to me before hand. We hope that shortly after that date the site will be back as an up to date site.
  • We are looking forward to also work with LMU to help us administer our work and organise events for us from the beginning of January. We will be attending their recruitment fair on Tuesday 19th November 12 – 2 pm at their Holloway Road site to recruit new business and administration students to help us from January. If anyone can help us out by personning our stall and talking to would be interns please let me know.
    We are trying to work in partnership with GLA re progressing their Age Friendly London project and we will keep you informed when and where they will be holding Domain working group meetings as and when we are told. There are 4 planned between November and January on Housing, Health and Social Care, Employment and Skills and Transport. We understand and hope that all of you who indicated an interest in participating in these domain groups will be informed about them by the GLA or their appointed consultant. There will be limited space so please let us know if you have already been involved in meetings around these topics and want to participate so we can pass this information on to the GLA.
  • We are working to ensure that older people’s voices are heard in the development of each age friendly domain groups work and recommendations, so please send any recommendations or summaries of meetings you have attended over the summer.
  • We have already organised and participated in the following initial domain working groups: employment and skills, housing, health and social care and transport.
  • We also want to ensure that we as PAiL members organise a meeting to agree our priorities and recommendations around the 3 other domain groups Communication ( including Digitalisation), Respect and Social Inclusion and thirdly Social Participation. We will be addressing these topics at our next PAiL event entitled An Age Inclusive London from 11- 3pm at London Metropolitan University, 166-220 Holloway Road | London | N7 8DB on Friday January 10th
  • We have also been running training programmes relating to the last domain working group – Outdoor Spaces and Buildings in How To Carry out Age Friendly Street Audits. As a result we now have a complete training package and expert trainers and this support is available to facilitate local groups to carry out their own Street audits, but we will need to charge for this. . We wish to continue to facilitate this street audit approach in partnership with local boroughs and with backing we can roll out this training and street audit work to other local boroughs and local borough age forums. If you want to know more about this or to set up a meeting with us to set up such a training and audit day please let us know.
  • We are having our next committee meeting on 4th December at Toynbee Hall, from 11- 2pm. If you wish to attend please contact me.
  • We will be working with GLA and LSO who should be running a successful end of program report on progress towards Making London an Age Friendly City at City Hall by end of Feb and will let you know when there is an definite date, so you can book a place.
  • We are still in urgent need of additional funding ( this is why we have been unable to organise events since May and maintain the website and social media to the standards we would like). We have a couple of applications in place, but anyone wishing to help us obtain contracts or funding please let me know.
  • Finally in the light of the coming election we hope to be able to draw together a brief summary of what older Londoners have said they want and need that hopefully can be used in hustings for both these elections and then be used as a basis for similar activity around the London Mayoral elections next year. Again any ideas or relevant existing documents that you or your organisation has already written please send it on to us.

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