Positive Ageing in London

Positive Ageing in London brings together London-wide and local organisations from both the voluntary and statutory sectors to consider age issues in London and agree common solutions.

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Positive Ageing in London was founded in 2011 as the London regional forum on ageing, bringing together older people’s organisations, charities, service providers and statutory bodies. It is part of the English Forums on Ageing, the network of regional forums working with the Department of Work and Pensions.

Positive Ageing in London provides valuable input into the Mayor’s Forum and UK Advisory Forums on Ageing.

Positive Ageing in London is committed to making a real difference to the lives of older people by:

  • Raising key issues affecting older people in London
  • Feeding into London and national advisory forums and the Age Action Alliance
  • Developing older people’s policy and voice for London
  • Challenging for change
  • Engaging, advocating and promoting older people in London
  • Disseminating policy and practise

Positive Ageing in London is chaired by Mervyn Eastman (Change Agents). Its Vice-Chair is David Shalit, a former Senior Member of the Common Council of the City of London.

The organisations included in Positive Ageing in London can be found on our Partners page.

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